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The Development of the Injection Molding Machine Industry


With the rapid development of China's plastics industry, it provides a space for the development of the plastic machinery industry. Injection molding machines are a common member in the plastics machinery industry. Currently, 83% of plastic processed products are injection molded. In recent years, due to the growing demand for injection products in industries such as food, medicine, automobiles, construction, and household appliances, the development and improvement of injection molding technology has been promoted.
The three stages of the development of the injection molding machine industry:
The first stage: brand enlightenment or germination stage. The market is basically dominated by foreign brands. At that time, domestic enterprises mostly represented foreign brands, and domestic brands were basically blank. Some users gradually began to "recognize the brand", the Chinese national injection molding machine brand began to sprout and grow, but still only "small lotus is the sharp tip."
The second stage: the brand's initial stage, many companies began to recognize the importance of the brand, with brand awareness, and began to invest in publicity and establish their own brand.
The third stage: the injection moulding machine market began to enter the "brand acceleration phase." In the market competition, brands with low visibility and no visibility have obvious disadvantages. The input-output ratio of brand promotion is very obvious, which highlights the importance of brand war. After this stage of baptism, there are very few companies that do not pay attention to brand promotion, but some enterprises can only hope that the brand will be sighed because they only have enthusiasm and no financial resources.

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